My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
My name is Amanda Odwa Tintelo, started with Developer Factory on 14th May 2012. I find the programme very interesting and educative. I’m exploring Magic XPA because it is new to me. I was impressed by the culture at the office, from the very beginning.

I remember my first day I walked into the foyer where I was greeted nicely and quickly guided to my manager. Everywhere I looked, I would see the welcoming faces of the many with Developer Factory Apprentices. They were busy in the very well organized and clean office. Interns are wisely selected and the team is full of amazing personalities.

The most important aspects of my times here are the insights I learned. No doubt the knowledge I gain today will serve me constantly in many domains. As I keep practising the tutorial, my knowledge is improving faster. I am acquiring the tools to thrive in today’s world, but also those I will need to build tomorrow’s world.

This will prove immensely beneficial for my future career and it was definitely the best choice for me.

A farewell from Amanda, who left the Developer Factory on 29th June 2012.

How was your time at the Developer Factory?
“I had a great experience. I enjoyed my little stay because I learnt something new every day.”
“I was taught to work independently and in a team environment.”

What is your opinion of Magic XPA?
“It is a good application for designing and deploying new business applications.”
“It is designed to integrate diverse application and provide a synchronized, real-time view of a company’s business data.”

What were your highlights?
- Meeting new people from different diverse backgrounds
- Learning a new program I never heard of, called Magic XPA
- Communication between Johannesburg and Cape Town sites are brilliant