My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
Phones vs Computers

We are living in a world that depends on technology, without it there will be great consequences that will make our everyday activities nearly impossible. In the modern times that we live in everything makes progress and moves forward because of technology.

It is difficult to stay updated with the latest technology, because all brands and companies are competing. If your devices that your company designs aren’t productive or satisfying towards the requirements of the users, there is no reason for you to even try. These days it’s not just about the function that the device delivers butt the looks, because fashion also plays an important role. Now the most common devices that sells and builds our economy is the Computer and the cell phone.

If you desire or require a device to stay updated with our times what do you look for in a device? The most basic features are:
Does the design suite your personality?
Is it user friendly?
Is it reliable and trustworthy?
Is it affordable or at least worth the money?
These questions are what pops into a buyers head before he makes any decision, so what device can tick a yes at each off those questions?
If you look at the different types brands like Apple, Black Berry, Android, Windows, MAC there are many ways of looking at what is more productive.

Windows has been around since 1983 giving it the upper hand of being trustable and familiar to the society. PC’s and laptops are big and expensive but can be modified according to the user’s needs and expectations. Phones/smartphones cannot be upgraded according to the user’s needs therefore what you buy, you keep but again it is portable and more efficient, communication wise and most of our everyday errands that takes place involves the use of communication.

Now the real question is, what is our generations most used device? Yes computers and laptops can be tweaked/upgraded but then again they need to stay up to date to be able to execute programs released everyday making it expensive and not user friendly enough to apply yourself. Cell phones only upgrade their software and operating systems and all is good.

Well it all comes down to the cellphone, its small portable and can do most functions that the computer can do without paying tons of cash or stressing about staying up to date with the physical hardware. The latest phone designs are fashionable, user friendly and affordable making it the perfect device for this generation and for many to come.