My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
I give credit to every programmer out there, whether you just made your first Hello World program depending on the platform you use.

Working with supercomputers can be life changing; I strongly believe I wouldn't wait two minutes for a program to respond. I'd say if programs where built with supercomputers we'd have alien technology.

Software development needs patience and skill, if people knew the hardcoding behind the bar code scanners and home appliances they own, the mechanism behind that fax machine making communication effective.

In conclusion with modern software development, managing state and security in programs is secure and reliable.

Two months to go… and it’s a rainy Friday, fourth month in the Developer Factory.

Fingers crossed only two months to go then my time in the Developer Factory is over. May you are my starter not knowing what kind of challenges I’d face in the working environment but hopefully I took every blow as a lesson.

June you gave me a hard time getting up in the morning, but I managed to see myself in my seat every day learning Magic XPA day in day out.

July now I have something to smile about, I have the necessary skills to develop a program with Magic XPA.

August and I’m having a smooth ride plus we have new recruits in the Developer Factory and along the way we had members leaving for other opportunities and I wish them all the best.

September I bid you farewell, I’m welcoming October and I have the confidence to say that I’m proud of myself for not giving up.