My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
Hi my name is Maxwell Harrison and I’m a member of the Developer Factory. The past few weeks has been awesome to the extreme for me as a junior developer, the leadership and respect I’ve received is outstanding, I’m really grateful to be given this opportunity to learn and adapt from the best.

The new platform (Magic XPA) which was introduced to me has upgraded my programming skills to the next level, seeing that I’m a fresh college graduate, I was a member of old structured (Java, Visual Basic, C#) way of programming.

I could say that the structured way is the stepping stone to the future (Magic XPA), and the Developer Factory which is currently in its baby form (established on the 01 March 2012) made me realise that, Magic XPA is the future. If I could describe Magic XPA in one word, I’ll say its magic.

Well guess whose back with another blog for Developer Factory, yes it’s me, Maxwell Harrison. It’s been three months since our last blogging session and what awesome learning experiences I’ve received from the mentors of Developer Factory.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me which really counts for my developing skills, I’ve grown and matured in my career seeing it’s only the beginning of an empire which is established with in the Developer Factory.

Since the first session, we (Developer Factory JHB) have created two applications and are still busy with the third one working and corresponding with the team in Cape Town. One of the skills we had to learn is communication and we are still learning how to communicate over the phone because of distance between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Oh I almost forgot the magic within Magic XPA, I’ll recommend it to every developer out there, it really is magic, but for you to experience the magic you need to apply for Developer Factory, inspiring Developers.