My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
Hi my name is Mymoena Fortune. I started working at the Developer Factory on the 02 May 2012.The first three weeks here have been great. The skills I’ve developed over the years are now put to the test and I can see where I can improve. I’m always learning something new and that can benefits me hugely. The people here are really nice and are eager to help you.

We working with a program called Magic XPA and getting to know it for the first time was a great experience. It’s easy to understand and you are gaining experience in something new. I had two weeks to learn Magic XPA and was able to learn it twice within those two weeks. Once you go over Magic XPA a second time you get fewer mistakes and start to understand why you got mistakes and how to fix them.

Other duties I had were to take meeting minutes, make mind maps, send out emails and do research. I’m excited to be here.