My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
Hi all :) , I’m Palcia Moila. I have studied Information Technology, majoring in Programming (Visual basic, Java, ASP.NET, basics of C#, HTML, CSS). I am a loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, reliable, dedicated person. I am a developer factory member in Johannesburg. I feel privileged and grateful to be given this opportunity.

The 2nd day I came to Developer Factory Johannesburg, which was my first day at work. I was nervous, didn’t know what to expect. Whether it will be something I have done at school or something total new. But hey, I was ready for the challenge. I was introduced to Magic XPA, it was totally new to me. As an I.T specialist it is always good to learn new things in IT Industry so I was glad when I was introduced to this.

Developer Factory apprentice program is a program that gives graduates an opportunity to expose them to work environment. This opportunity will allow me to apply acquired skills during these 6 month training.

Working in Developer Factory is good experience. People are friendly and everyone knows everyone. You always feel important when you are asked how you are doing and if you are comfortable with everything, I think that is good as I am new in work environment.

I would like to thank Herman and everyone who came with the idea of having Developer Factory. It is such a great opportunity that most graduates will want to have.

A goodbye note from Palcia who left the Developer Factory on the 3rd July

“I am so grateful for the opportunity and it is really sad to be leaving.”
“This has felt like a real job, a job that I wake up looking forward to.”

So tell us a little about your experience on the program?
"I really enjoyed it, such a good environment to further your skills."

What is your opinion on Magic XPA?
"I learned a lot and it is very easy once you understand it. You can complete a project in a very short time."

Highlights during your time on the program?
- Environment gives you great opportunity to learn at a comfortable pace
- Analysis – this was great. Understanding what the client really wants before we work on it
- Follow up throughout the program was great, always kept us on the right track
- Team environment – felt like a real job